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How To Draw Basic Flowers with Henna Paste

Start by drawing a spiral
henna flower how to draw starting spiral

Next add some tiny petals
mehndi flower step by step

Go all the way around
mehndi design tutorial floral

Next add a layer of larger petals
how to draw a simple henna flower

Go all the way around

standard corn nut henna flower molar open heart type style

There you have it!

Some finer points to keep in mind:

- The outer edges of your big petals should be slightly thicker than the rest. Variation in line quality adds interest!

-This is not the only shape for a petal, or a flower center... there are TONS of variations. Victoria Welch's Henna Basics: Step by Step is a fantastic book for both beginners looking to learn all they can about the basics as well as professionals who may get stuck in a rut doing the same couple of flower variations *all* the time.

-Shading really adds depth to your flower petals. Play with it!

Here are some videos demonstrating how it's done:
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This video also has some helpful pricing tips for professional henna artists (created in 2012):