Artistic Adornments: $5 Henna Designs

Artistic Adornments: $5 Henna Designs

Artistic Adornments: $5 Henna Designs

We are so happy to announce the release of our $5 Henna Design Collection! Artistic Adornments $5 Henna Designs contains 5 pages with 66 designs that can be completed in under a minute. The designs include hearts, stars, flowers, symbols, finger designs, and even super-quick versions of recognizably Indian and Moroccan designs.

$5 designs are your very most profitable henna designs at a festival, because they are *so* quick to do. These particular designs are the result of many, many years of tweaking details to create designs that are appealing, super quick to do, and yet aren’t quite *so* cool that they sway people away from choosing your more expensive $10-15 options. These designs can be done in under one minute each, and with practice, you can get the vast majority of the designs down to 5-15 seconds. We highly recommend practicing these designs again and again, until you are very quick with them.

Armed with this collection, $5 designs may actually become some of your favorites at festivals, as you watch the smiles come to your customers’ faces at the same time as you also see the money piling up 🙂

This book is the quickest return on your henna investment dollar that you’ll ever see. Your book pays for itself after you do just ONE design!

Get your copy here:

Here is your free sample of the designs:

Free $5 Henna Designs from Artistic Adornment

Free $5 Henna Designs

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