Artistic Organic Raj 2013 vs. Mohana Fall Crop 2013

mohana henna

Mohana Henna

Artistic Organic

Artistic Organic Henna





Artistic Adornment stocks two exclusive henna brands.  Artistic Organic Raj henna & Mohana henna.  Recently, Heather did a test on both of them and we’d like to share the results.

Artistic Organic Raj has always been an amazing, stringy, great staining henna. Historically it has a dye release time of 8-12 hours.  Mohana has the same qualities that Artistic Organic has, but has been known for its super quick dye release of 4-6 hours.   Heather tested the most recent 2013 fall batches with some interesting results.  Artistic Organic henna had strong color from 2 to 52 hours after mixing. Mohana fall 2013 on the other hand now has a longer dye release time and peaks at between 24 and 36 hours.  It also has a very creamy texture reminiscent of Jamila Henna.  The optimal stain from both hennas is still amazing, but if you are looking for a fast dye release Artistic Organic is your go to henna.

Heather’s test mix consisted of henna powder, lemon juice and cajeput oil.

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