Back to Basics


Combining basic elements in a new and exciting way can get you out of your design rut.

As a professional henna artist you may find yourself falling into a rut.  You do the same designs over and over and are starting to get board.  One way to help yourself get out if this rut is to get back to basics!

Go back and practice the skills that got you started.  Do tear drops, dots, lines, grids and swirls.  As you practice these basic skills think about how you can use them in a new way.  Group your tear drops differently to create a new shape.  Expand the swirl beyond the center of a flower.  Combine your dots and lines to create a new motif, and find new ways to utilize grids.

Another way to enhance your basics is to change the line thickness that you usually do.  If you normally make delicate tiny swirls, kick it up a notch and make them bold!  If you like big fat tear drops try holding back a bit and thinning them down.  You will find new and fun ways to combine your changing elements into beautiful new designs.

The basic elements that we start with are also the foundation for many popular styles of henna.  Indian, Moroccan, Arabic and Gulf  henna designs are combinations of lines, swirls, humps, dots and more.  When practicing these elements, think of how they are used in each of these styles and how you can combine them in new ways to create a fusion piece.

Finally, practicing your basics will help remember what you loved about henna.  It will ignite the spark that got your started and allow you to create new and interesting designs that will soon become favorites.

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