Can a Potato Work as an Eraser for Henna?

Guest Post by Michelle Manderson ( aka Mitchou)

Materials used:
Sharp kitchen knife
One small red potato
Damp paper towel
Scraper (to scrape off henna paste. In this case, thin cardboard)
Fresh henna paste mixed with lavender e/o, white sugar and half water half lemon combo.


Read on a page that potatoes could potentially “erase” henna stains. Figured I would try it out!

The following experimentation idea originated from a thread in the Henna Gathering facebook group about a henna customer rubbing potatoes on an unwanted design, and it fading it out quite sucessfully. It seems to be an old-time remedy for erasing unwanted stains. Below is the process and my results.

First, I applied thick henna dots to the side of my foot, along the arch. I applied a new dot at ten minute intervals for 60 minutes. The last 2 dots were applied at 5, and 1 minute intervals respectively.


I then scraped off the henna, and wiped off the excess with a damp paper towel, then applied potato slices on top of the henna stains.



I left the slices on for approximately 1 minute, then rubbed with fresh slices (about 3, each side used) for about 5 minutes straight in total.


The potato seemed to absorb some of the henna.


Up to the 10 minute mark, the henna faded enough to really make a difference. After that the 20 min stain up to the 60 minute stains faded, but not enough to say they have been considerably erased.


My conclusion; this is a good remedy to try to fade the stain before it takes hold, but not an eraser. Henna will remain henna.

I would be curious to see if other varieties of potato would yield different results…

Before and after side by side:


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