Can You Erase Your Henna Stain with a Potato?

This is Part 3 of guest blogger Michelle (Mitchou) Manderson’s Potato Eraser Effect Series. Be sure to also check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Materials used:

  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • One small yellow potato
  • Rubber band
  • Wet (not soaking) paper towel
  • Scraper (to scrape off henna paste. In this case, thin cardboard)
  • Fresh Jamila 2014 henna paste mixed with lavender e/o, white sugar and half water half lemon combo.


* See first document for experimentation idea origin. Below are the steps followed during the process and my results.:)
** Design 100% by Maple Mehndi. I claim NO CREDIT for the design, just for the ability to apply it.


People were also wondering if the potato eraser on an old stain would erase at all.

So I decided to continue with my experimentation.

This experiment is conducted on a 5-7 day old design. I had left the paste on overnight with Hypafix tape and gloves. I did not however take very good care of the design as I wash dishes without gloves, so the stain was   beginning to fade considerably.


After leaving the potato slice on my skin for a little over five minutes, I then proceeded to rub the stain for say… 30 seconds.



Next, the result.



Potato on old stain = barely visible difference.

I question if rubbing is what did the slight erasing, not the potato… I would rather exfoliation at this point for better stain removal results.


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