CeeLo Green’s Head Tattoo – Is It Henna?

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Everyone’s talking about CeeLo Green’s head tattoo!

Many people are calling it a “head henna tattoo”, which at first had me very excited! Hooray for more celebrities wearing henna!

A closer look suggests that it’s not henna, though.

Have a look for yourself here:

Photo of CeeLo Green's Head Tattoo - via www.justjared.com/2013/09/23/cee-lo-green-head-tattoo-on-the-voice-see-the-ink-here/

Photo of CeeLo Green’s Head Tattoo – via www.justjared.com/2013/09/23/cee-lo-green-head-tattoo-on-the-voice-see-the-ink-here/


It looks to me like it is most likely a brushed-on temporary tattoo, perhaps like Temptu or Colorini brands.

There was some concern on henna artist forums that it might be PPD, also known as “black henna”, which can cause permanent scarring and other badness. To my eye, it doesn’t look like PPD, which is typically applied with a cone much the way safe, natural henna is.

Other more probable options might be that it could have been done in eyeliner, or any other cosmetic that is painted thickly onto the skin using brush strokes.

Watch the premiere of The Voice that feature’s CeeLo and his head art, and see what you think for yourself:

One thing is for sure, henna artists… you can look forward to more requests for head art as a result of this, whatever medium it might have been originally done in. Thank you, CeeLo!

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