Festival Season is here! Henna tips for making the best of it.

Spring is in the air, and so is festival season.  As the weather warms up, and the flowers start to bloom, people are ready to get out of the house and get decorated!

There are so many things that can be said about how to prepare for this busy henna season, but one of the best things is to review your design book.  Look through the pages and remove designs that you never did or did very little.  You may also consider removing designs that you dreaded doing.  Next, find some new, fresh designs to add.  You can find new designs by investing in a few eBooks, or by looking over your own work from the previous year.  Once you have your henna designs in place, review your book for pricing issues.  Were there designs that you felt you were charging too little for?

Now that you have your books ready, look through your gear and make sure everything is  clean and functional.  Test out your tent and make sure you have all of the parts.  Side walls, tent weights, stakes, ropes and banners.  Check your tables and chairs and clean them if needed.  If you decorate your booth with fabric or drapes put them through the washing machine so they are nice and fresh.

Another important task is to review your signage, business cards and henna supply needs.  Do your business card need updating?  Are you running low and need to re-order?  Has your signage become stale, and needs new henna photos to draw in the crowd?  This is also the time to get your orders in for henna powder, essential oils, cone making supplies and glitter.

Finally, go through your calendar from last season and make notes on which festivals went well and which you could skip.  If you find yourself with gaps in your calendar, do some internet searches for potential replacement events.

Happy Henna Season!

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