Henna Crafts – Drums and Tambourines

As our busy season starts to slow down, we take a breath and relax… For about 10 minutes, anyway – then we want to henna something again!  This is the perfect time of year to work on henna crafts – while we have time to sit and focus on creating something beautiful on our own schedules.  Henna crafts can be henna on candles, henna on wooden boxes or plaques, henna canvasses, or just about anything else.

One of the the most fun and beautiful things to henna are drums and tambourines!

Drums and tambourines and great to henna when they are made from natural, untreated skin that takes a natural stain beautifully.  Henna can be applied and left on, or eventually scraped off to reveal the stain.

We recommend using a henna mix without terps or oils so that the oil does not seep into the skin and spread.  If you plan on leaving your paste on you can apply and you are all set once it dries.  If you are looking to scrape it off to reveal the stain, you will want to leave the paste on the drum for at least a couple of weeks.  Once the paste is removed the stain will mature on its own.  The process can be sped up by gently wiping over the stain with straight ammonia – be sure to do this in a very well ventilated area (outdoors).

Hennaed hand drums and tambourines make great gifts for musicians and art lovers. They look beautiful hanging on a wall, and are fantastic for submitting to art galleries for formal showings. Drums and tambourines are also very popular sellers at holiday craft shows. You may want to have a few examples to show, and then offer customization on the spot or by special order.

Artistic Adornment has a nice selection of hand drums and tambourines in a range of different sizes. We take the utmost care in selecting drums that have natural, untreated skins that will take a henna stain beautifully.  It’s great to have a few on hand for when inspiration strikes!

Drums and Tambourines perfect for henna crafts

Henna Drums and Tambourines – with henna paste on and off



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