Henna Crop Updates – 2014

Henna lovers – we’ve got some updates on crop harvest times to share!

Jamila summer 2014 will be available in the second half of July. Preorder now here so you get it as soon as we do:

Artistic Organic henna will be harvested again in October. There’s a decent supply of the fall 2013 crop and there’s no real hurry in getting yourself more. THIS IS OUR FAVORITE HENNA CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. (Yes, it used to be Mohana. Crops of henna are like vintages of fine wine, and Artistic Organic fall 2013 takes the cake this year! We’ll do another head-to-head battle when the fall 2014 crops arrive and keep you posted!)
Dye release for Artistic Organic fall 2013 is awesome all the way from 4 to 54 hours.
We’re experimenting with mixing with water rather than lemon juice this week, especially since this seems to be such a hardy crop with lawsone for days and just won’t quit! (So we’re thinking that the normal concerns that water mixes demise fast may not be such a big deal with this particular, amazing, phenomenal, drop-dead-gorgeous crop)
We will keep you posted about our results! Stay tuned in here on the Artistic Adornment facebook page 

Mohana henna will also be harvested again in October. Supply of this *is* short, as it’s a small farm….so if you love the fall 2013 crop that’s currently in stock for its creamy texture, be sure to get some more before it’s gone. To make things very clear: there will be no summer harvest of Mohana henna available this year. We’ll be taking pre-orders for the fall 2014 crop starting in September.

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