Henna for Nails

Henna on Nails

Henna on Nails

You either love it or hate it…. henna on nails.  If done right, you can have a beautiful result.  Here are a few tips on getting a nice dark color:

1.  Mix henna specifically for your nails.  Use your usual henna and lemon juice but leave out the oils.  They are not necessary to get a good stain.

2. Apply the henna to your nails and be ready to leave it on for a while.  It should harden up as it dries and stick to your nails quite well. You can either go about your day or sleep with it on for best results.

3.  You will need to do at least 3 applications to get the deep color you are looking for.

The henna on your nails needs time to oxidize just like it does on your skin.  It will be a bright orange right after paste removal and darken up over time.  Keep in mind that henna does not wear off of your nails.  It grows out, so be prepared to have the color for a while!

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