Henna Mixology Experimentation – how to best add sugar? plus a new henna to try out…

Winter = many fewer customers = I’ve been playing around with my mix a lot.

I tried adding sugar – it’s still so much goopier than I like and am used to, even when I purposefully mix it so it looks thick to my eye… I’m going to keep trying, using less and less…

I’ve tried it with the Big Three hennas in my world – Mohana, Artistic Organic, and Jamila.

How much sugar do you use in your mix, if you use it? And what kind?
I tried to thin out my mix by eye, but I still overdid it and it’s goopier than I can deal with, and the stain was only meh despite much steaming and good aftercare. Obviously I overdid it. So I don’t have a measurement to go to at the moment, to know *what* was too much. So next time I’ll pretend I’m mixing by eye…as in I will still add little by little and watch what happens… but I’m going to try to use an amount that’s the average of everyone who responds, who is currently experiencing¬† similar weather to me (northeastern shoreline). I’ll know the amount in advance, but will add slowly and watch the changes in texture.

I’m also going to try mixing with apple juice. I am hoping to find apple juice with no preservatives, as that’s a big benefit I can see to using it. Here’s hoping for some frozen apple juice concentrate!… (and then buying locally and concentrating/freezing myself annually each autumn in the future?)

I’ve got a very promising, finely sifted brand new henna I’ve never tried before, too. That’s getting mixed with ye ol’ standard method (this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFZ6ds5PbVw), so as to keep everything but the henna itself constant with my norm.

What changes have you tried with your mix lately?
What ones do you want to try?
Or are you a creature of habit, and once you’ve got something that works, you roll with it?
What size is your normal test batch? (Mine is 50g; I hate to waste a full 100g if a test goes poorly, but mixing less than that I feel like I lose too much of it to clinging to the side of the bowl / not fully squeezing out of the carrot bag / etc.)

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