How can I search just for hashtags from the people I follow on Instagram?

The question in the title of this post is just one of about a dozen iterations I tried to Google to get to the bottom of this problem. To my surprise, I not only didn’t find an answer, but I barely found evidence of anyone else even asking the question!

Think about it, though – how great would it be to be able to search just through the people you know (your friends, and whoever else you follow) to see what they’re saying about a particular topic, rather than reading through everything from everyone worldwide or who has used the tag you’ve got in mind?

Hey Instagram - I want to search for tagged posts just among the people I follow!

Hey Instagram – I want to search for tagged posts just among the people I follow!


While Instagram is fantastic for discovering new stuff, and for looking at stuff from people you follow on either an as-it-is-posted or whole-profile-at-once sort of basis, it’s not so great for looking at things topically if you mostly want to hear from your own circle. You can look at photo tags to see what is going on with the whole world regarding a certain topic, which has its own value. But sometimes you just want to know what your friends and others you care about are thinking, seeing, doing, etc. And they’re often using hashtags to do it.

It would be such an easy thing to implement. I bet they could piece together a beta of this in a matter of hours, and turn it around really quickly. And it would bring a new level of usefulness to a social media platform we’re all already on, and keep us even more engaged. And more engaged, invested, interested users are more likely to stick around and put up with all the ad nonsense they subject us to that actually pays the bills, right? So they should want to hook us up with as awesome of a platform as possible – especially when doing so is super easier, and arguably would create an even lighter server load for so many of the searches people are currently performing now.

For me, this comes down to henna. (I mean, you do know that you’re on a henna artist supply store blog, right?) I LOVE looking at new, undiscovered sources of henna inspiration. And I LOVE seeing what the people who I follow are up to. But really, what I REALLY, really would ADORE Instagram for, would be the ability to just look at the henna art of the people who I follow – without having to wade through all the personal stuff as well, when I don’t have time or am not in the mood for that. Similarly, if I were a fashionista, and I followed lots of people whose fashion sense I admired, but they also posted tons of photos of their dog, their food, their kids, etc – well, that is just a lot of extra stuff for me to get through when really I want the meat of what they are offering that is of interest?

This is totally doable. There is a way to make it so that we can cut through the clutter and the overwhelm that is logging into your Instagram account, and just bring what matters most. You’ve got this, Instagram. I believe in you.

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