How to Price Your Designs!

At one time or another, all henna artists struggle with pricing their designs.  We want to offer our festival clients choices that fit within every budget, but we also don’t want to cheat ourselves.   There are many ways to decide of pricing.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get your started!


1.  $5 designs should take you 1 minute or less – preferably more like 15-30 seconds.  If it takes you longer than 60 seconds it’s definitely not a $5 design.  Quick and simple stand-alone hearts, flowers, stars and symbols fit in the $5 category best.

Example of a $5 design

This is the fanciest $5 design you should ever see! It’s almost a little too fancy to be just $5!

2.  When you jump to a $10 design you can add on to, or embellish a simple $5 design, or make it bigger.  A flower with a few vines and a leaf, a heart with swirls and floofy bits or a quick trendy symbol (2013’s infinity symbol, 2012’s feather, 2011’s scattering of stars) fit wonderfully in this price point.  It is also helpful to put your $5 and $10 designs close to each other in your design book.  This way potential clients can see how much more they can get for just $5 more!

Example of a $10 design

Example of a $10 design

3.  $15 designs are where things start looking really good.  This price point is filled with cute, trendy and fun designs.  They normally take between 3-5 minutes to complete.  These are not full hand designs, but designs that people find whimsical and cute, but with a seriously artistic flair!

Example of a $15 design

Example of a $15 design. It’d still be $15 without the extra ring finger swirlies, but since those take about 5 seconds, why not add them? :)

4.  $20 designs are where nice and reasonably fully hand designs start.  These are your most popular designs that take 5-7 minutes to complete.  Strips of flowers and paisleys from wrist to finger tips, a simple geometric design with small finger embellishments or a pretty mandala with a cuff or finger designs fall into this price point.

Example of a $20 design

Example of a $20 design

5.  $25-30 designs are (of course) a step above your $20 designs.  They will take 7-10 minutes to complete and will have a more full look to them.   Here is where you give your client a little bang for their buck.  You can put your long ‘full’ arm designs in this price point.  These designs cover a lot of space without a lot of detail – they do have a little more detail than your $20 designs, though – like the shading in the design featured below.

Example of a $25 design

Example of a $30 design

Anything that takes you longer than 10 minutes to complete does not really belong in your festival books.  If you have a line, people will start getting discouraged and walk away if they are waiting too long while someone gets a design that takes 20 minutes to do.

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