How To Use Glitter to Embellish Your Henna

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘everything is better with glitter’?  This works for henna too!  Adding cosmetic glitter to your wet henna gives it the sparkle and bling that your clients will love.

Glitter on Henna

Glitter can add the sparkle and bling your clients are looking for


So how do you get your glitter to look just right?  You would think that applying glitter is a couple of poufs and you are done, but sometimes it’s not that easy.  First you want to start with clean skin before you even apply the henna.  Cleaning the skin with alcohol or witch hazel will remove any oils or sweat from the skin that will cause the glitter to stick where you don’t want it too.   Next, you want to be sure that the henna  paste is still wet when you are ready to apply the glitter.  If you find that your design is taking too long, you can apply glitter as you go along.

Glitter on Henna

Be sure to clean the skin so that the glitter sticks to the henna and not the skin


If you find that some of your colors are really hard to pouf try widening the hole of the bottle a little with a pin, if the hole gets too big you may need to switch to a new bottle to get just the right pouf!

Good quality glitter is always important.  You do not want to use craft glitter.  It was not meant to be used this way and can scratch or irritate the skin.  Only use cosmetic grade glitter that you buy from reputable suppliers.

Glitter on Henna

Only use cosmetic Grade Glitter

Glitter not only adds sparkle to your henna, but it also helps your clients keep their henna on longer.  They love the sparkle and don’t want it to go away.  Another great thing about glitter at a festival is that it attracts attention of other festival goers and brings them to your booth!

Glitter on henna

You can add a rainbow of colors to your henna design


If you are looking to add some new colors to your set, or get started with using glitter, Artist Adornment has new prismatic colors that are sure to please you and your clients.

Artistic Adornment Prismatic Glitter

Artistic Adornment Prismatic Glitter Collection

You can either buy the rainbow set for $33.00 or individual colors for $3.95 each.  All of the colors are prismatic with the exception of Ziggy Star Dust which is a subtle, yet sparkly diamond effect for your clients that want ‘just a little’ bling.  


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