Indo-Khaleeji Rose by Alia Khan – now available!

We’re so happy to announce the release of a new book by Alia Khan!


Indo-Khaleeji Rose features 23 henna designs in an Indo-Gulf (or Indo-Khaleeji) style. This is a very unique fusion of two different styles. Alia combines the structure and intricacy of traditional Indian mehndi designs with the whimsy and attention to negative space that characterizes the style of Persian Gulf henna.

All designs are shown on both hands, to make application easy, and to help you wrap your brain around this new style without also having to flip the design around in your mind as you give it a try.

The cover image leans a bit towards the Indian style, and this sample page shows a bit stronger leaning towards the Khaleeji style. Most designs in the book fit somewhere in between these two 🙂


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