It’s time to register for HG 2016 classes!

If you haven’t already registered for the Henna Gathering and all your classes,  now is the time!

We’ve got a great selection of classes being offered at the 10th annual Henna Gathering coming up March 18-20th at the historic armory in Warren, RI. With our new conference format, you’ll be signing up for the classes you want to take directly with your instructors.

All classes have limited space available (15 for hands-on classes, 30 for lecture-style), and many instructors have structured their class pricing so that those who register early get a lower price. So register now!

What should I budget for classes?

Last year, registration was $240, so you should think of it as having a $160-200 budget to spend on your classes to be equal to last year’s registration cost. If you also took some paid classes last year, your overall comparable class budget for this year might be closer to $300. If you want to take more classes than this, to get the maximum learning bang for your travel and time investment buck, we certainly aren’t going to stop you!

Be sure to take advantage of the fact that you’ve got so many excellent instructors available to you all in one place, most at rates that are FAR lower than they would normally charge.

Hanging out with your fellow henna artists all weekend is way fun! And learning from experienced artists in small, focused classes is also very valuable, and a rare opportunity. You’ll want to allow yourself to do plenty of both!

Register for classes now!

And register for the conference overall if you haven’t yet
We haven’t sold out yet, but at the current rate, we believe we will.

Click the mini schedule for a link to the full-size one:

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