Keeping Cool at a Busy Summer Festival

We all know that summer is the busy time in the henna business.  People are on vacation, out of school and its nice and warm outside.  Perfect timing for henna! Many of us love to do fairs and festivals in the summer and sometimes the weather can make it quite difficult.  Here are a few tips to keep cool and comfortable while working.

1.  Stay Hydrated.  Drinking lots of water is number 1 when it comes to keeping cool at a hot fair or festival.  Be sure to have plenty of water on hand.  Stay away from caffeine and alcohol, they will only dehydrate you more.

2.  Wear light and lose clothing.  If you can, wear a natural fiber that fits loosely on your body.  Light colors also help to reflect sunlight and keep you cooler.  Short sleeves and fine, but loose long sleeves and pants or skirt will actually give you more protection from UV rays.

3.  Stay in the shade.  Most of us set up a tent  or umbrella when we do henna outside, but don’t be tempted to leave it behind to save time.  Keeping under cover is very important when it comes to keeping cool.

4.  Bare feet in the grass is a quick way to cool off, but be careful about walking around with no shoes on pavement.  You can burn your feet or step on something sharp.

5.  Eat foods that help keep you cool and hydrated.  Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of natural moisture and will keep you hydrated.  Avoid fried and fatty foods.

6.  Use fans. If your event provides electricity, take advantage of it by using small fans to keep air moving.  If not, a folding hand fan can give you some quick relief between clients.

What are your favorite ways to keep cool?

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