Making and Printing Banners and Signage for your Henna Booth

A good sign or banner can make all of the difference in a festival setting. Having bright, noticeable and easy to read signage draws attention to your booth and what you are offering!

Sign and Banner DOs:

1. Make your message short and sweet! Using a big, bold easy to read font is key.

2. Make your signage visible from a distance! Your banner or sign should be as big as your tent can handle and be easy to read from across the festival. Hearing someone squeal “Ooooh, henna!” from a row away is the best sound in the world!

3. Images of your work bring people in that might not know what henna is. Having big clear photographs of your work on the front and back of your booth will catch people’s attention as they walk by and will bring them in to learn more. Not everyone knows what henna is, but when they see how pretty and cool it can be they come in for more info! Of course, be sure to only use your own images – using someone else’s images without their explicit, written permission is a violation of copyright law.

Sign and Banner DON’Ts:

1. Don’t worry about putting your business name on your banner. What brings people in is that you are doing henna. Have your business cards and info on your table and at your station. If you really want to add your business name make it smaller and across the bottom of the sign or banner.

2. Don’t cheap out! Get a good quality vinyl banner or sign. Pay for the heavier weight and have grommets added to each corner for easy hanging.

3. Don’t use ornate or overly scripty fonts. While they may be pretty, you want people to be able to ready your sign right away and know what it says. Stick with the basics and use color if you want to be creative.

Getting Your Banner Printed:

1.  Your best bet will always be to use a local print shop! Do a search for “signs YourTown” or “banners YourTown” or “printer YourTown” and read reviews to decide from among your many options. It’s important to support your local economy whenever possible! An independent printer who will give the same care to creating a sign for you as you do to creating beautiful henna for your clients is best, but Staples offers design and printing services in a pinch and has many locations.

2. If you don’t have a local print shop, there are websites that you can order signs from. and are some that come highly recommended from other henna artists on our facebook group. Keep in mind the high cost of ordering non-specialty items that are widely available online – although the bottom line may be cheaper to you at the moment you make the purchase, you are taking money out of your local economy, which will of course hurt you in the end. Only use online sign printing resources as a last resort if you do not have anyone nearby.

3. Design your banner to your printer’s specifications, being especially careful to mind the following:
-bleed and trim marks
-image resolution
-image format (don’t use a lossy format like JPG in professional printing)

4. Chances are that your printer will want a PDF, PNG, or other file format that retains as much file / color / etc data as possible. You will need good graphic design skills and tools to create a beautiful high resolution, visually striking banner. Having a banner printed and realizing it is fuzzy and pixelated after it arrives in your hands is a horrible disappointment that is easy to avoid. If you don’t feel comfortable designing your banner on your own, contact us! We offer design and layout services for all of your business signage needs. We can also create a logo, business cards and aftercare cards that match, creating a cohesive custom business brand image for you.

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