Mohana Henna 2013 Crop – Dye Release Test

Mohana 2013 Dye Release Test Results

Mix ingredients:
100g Mohana 2013 henna powder
1.25 cups room temperature bottled lemon juice
1oz cajeput essential oil

Ingredients mixed together all at once and left on kitchen counter ranging from 75-83F throughout the test period.
2 Tbsp of henna frozen at times noted after initial mixing.
All samples thawed for 1 hour at room temperature after freezing.
All samples applied to inner calf and left on skin for 4 hours, with exception of 42 hour sample, which fell off half way at 2.
Photo taken 48 hours after paste removal.

Results: Use Mohana 2013 crop between 6 (maybe less?) and 36 hours of mixing for optimal stain quality.

Mohana Henna 2013 Crop - Dye Release Test Results

Mohana Henna 2013 Crop – Dye Release Test Results

Other Observations: Henna becomes less stringy over time, especially after 36 hours. Stringiness and optimum available dye seem to be correlated – requires further testing.

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