Mohana Henna 2014 – the results are in!!!!

Mohana 2014 is the most current, freshest crop available! It arrived about 10 days ago, and we’ve been waiting to talk more about it until we could get new fancy packaging all ready for you…. well, now it’s available, snazzy new packaging and all!

With the 2014 crop, Mohana has once again returned as our reigning champion favorite henna powder! The sift is super fine, the texture is the perfect balance of creamy and stringy, and the color is rich and fabulous.

You can get 100g and kilogram quantities here!

Here are stain progression photos, in horizontal and square formats:

Mohana Henna 2014 -

Mohana Henna 2014 –

Mohana Henna 2014 -

Mohana Henna 2014 –

Now in new and improved light-blocking green metallic packaging, with labels that give you our favorite recipe right on the package, Mohana is easier to use than ever!

As you can see in the spot tests here, dye release is great at 8 hours, but if you wait even longer, it will continue to get better, all the way through 48 hours! This makes Mohana a fantastic choice for long festival weekends!


Be sure to also get high quality essential oils when mixing your henna for optimal results.

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