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I just got a call from a doctor’s office that we have done holiday parties for in the past. They have a brilliant idea.

To raise awareness of men’s health for Movember, they are going to get henna finger moustaches, thus allowing even the women in the office to “grow” a mustache.

One of the doctors there is a Mo Bro, who will be growing a moustache for Movember.

Movember Mehndi - Movember Rules

If you don’t already know what Movember is, here’s the general idea:

Movember Rules

Made In Movember : The Rules
Inspired by this most excellent idea, I had a really deep look at and what it was all about, and really wanted to do more. But when I had a look at the page, it really does seem to be all about men (Mo Bros) growing mustaches, and women (Mo Sistas) supporting them through fundraising, encouragement, etc – but no way to sport a mustache is suggested. In fact, when you go to sign up, the rules specifically say that fake moustaches are not okay, this is about growing real moustaches, etc etc. But I thought hey, this is too good of an idea to just let it die! So, yup, I called Movember headquarters.

After consulting directly with Movember, they said they think that it is a fantastic idea, and definitely in the spirit of raising awareness of men’s health, and the effort has their full support!

Therefore…. Team Movember Mehndi  is a go!!!!

Sign up at to join team Movember Mehndi!


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Use #MovemberMehndi on whenever sharing efforts to use henna to support Movember!
If we see it on Instagram or Tumblr, we’ll reblog it to the Movember Mehndi  Tumblr blog with a link back to you!

Here’s the start of my own Movember Mehndi moustache! I’ve applied it on Movember 1st, in solidarity with everyone growing actual hair-based moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health this Movember.

Heather Caunt-Nulton - Team #MovemberMehndi Captain

Heather Caunt-Nulton – Team #MovemberMehndi Captain – with henna moustache

Heather Caunt-Nulton - Team #MovemberMehndi Captain

Team Movember Mehndi – Henna Moustache Examples

Here’s a video where I say pretty much everything I’ve posted in this blog, plus a little more rambling 🙂

More about the Made in Movember Movement:

What can you do once you’re signed up to be a member of Team Movember Mehndi?
Here are some ideas!

  1. Contact your primary care doctor, local hospital, or other health organization! Set up a Movember Mehndi event!
    Do mehndi moustaches for donations. A suggested base price might be $5 or $10, with an encouragement to do more. It’s important that you do not profit in any way. All efforts as part of Team Movember Mehndi must not profit you personally. Plan your events at times you and the healthcare professionals both have available.
  2. Promote Like Crazy
    You’ll raise more money for men’s health if you promote the heck out of your event! Consider writing up a press release to send to your local newspaper. We’ll soon have a sample one you can use  liked to right here (not quite yet! bookmark this page!). Also, be sure to add your event and submit donations officially by using the Team Movember page.

PS- Mehndi Moustache or Mehndi Mustache? Google search battle says “moustache”, whereas spellcheck keeps yelling at me as I use that spelling, insisting it is “mustache” 🙂

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