Our New Henna Store 2

Today we launched our new storefront at henna.artisticadornment.com! We’ve been working on it for a very long time, and are so excited to finally share it with you! It’s state-of-the-art in just about every way imaginable, and we think it will make for a hugely improved shopping experience for you.

For this first week (through November 14, 2015), please use coupon code NEWSTORE for 100g of Mohana henna powder FREE with any product order you place.

If you order $30+, we’ll include a special surprise for you!

If you leave us your thoughts about the new storefront in the comments field of your order, we’ll send a second surprise.

Thank you all for your support over the years, and we hope you enjoy the new storefront we built for you!!!

Preview of the new store – click to view the whole site!:

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2 thoughts on “Our New Henna Store

  • Lisa Thibodeau

    I am so inspired! I am so excited to be learning about Henna! I am new to the industry and just took a class tonite and I couldn’t wait to jump on your site our instructor told us about u!!!