Beautiful baby belly!
TweetIn recent years it has become very popular for the expectant mother to get henna on her growing baby belly. […]

Pregnancy Henna

TweetWe’re pleased to announce the release of Trendy Mehndi 2013, a collection of those designs that teens WILL NOT stop […]

Trendy Mehndi 2013

TweetAs your henna business grows, you will notice that larger events require that you have your own liability insurance.   […]

Insurance for Henna Artists

Example of a $15 henna design
TweetAt one time or another, all henna artists struggle with pricing their designs.  We want to offer our festival clients […]

How to Price Your Designs!

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TweetPricing is an often talked about topic when it comes to professional henna services.  Do we charge an hourly rate? […]

What to charge?

Start with a filled cone of henna, press the empty, top part of the cone flat.
TweetThe basic tools need to fill henna cones are: Carrot bag(s) Tape Empty Cones Scissors Paper Towel (to clean up […]

How to Fill a Henna Cone