Photography Series – Tips and Tricks Part 1

You have just done the best henna of your life.  You want to document your art work but you realize you forgot your good camera!   But wait, you may be saved, you have your phone…. can you get a good picture using it?  YES YOU CAN!  Follow these helpful tips and your amazing work is not lost!

1.  Try to get to an area with natural light.  Go outside or near a window.

natural light

Went outside to find some nice natural light and a pretty background

2.  If you have to use the flash on the camera try to avoid a background that is cluttered or has too much contrast.  Find something clear of too many things or not heavily patterned.

Mobile phone camera flash

I was inside a convention center with bright overhead lights I had the flash go off so I could get rid of the yellow cast of the indoor lighting

3.  Take a moment to look around the frame of the picture before you snap it.  Move any stray items that you don’t want included.  (this tip applies to any picture you are taking)

Looking around the frame

This is an example of not looking around the frame before taking the shot. I have a bit of my folding fan in the picture.

Wrong choice background

When taking this picture I should have had the subject move her hand more on to the light green part of the table. The contrast of the two colors is distracting.

4.  Take a few shots to be sure the camera focused properly.  Sometimes mobile phone cameras don’t focus on what you want them too.

Check background & focus

This is a double whammy example. Check your background for dogs and shoes, AND make sure that the camera is focusing on the henna and not fido!



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