Picking Up Henna Supplies @ the Henna Gathering

People have been asking some questions about how the pickup of supplies will work the 10th annual Henna Gathering, March 18-20, 2016. As the sponsor of the conference, we are happy to provide questions and answers!

  1. How do I indicate that I want to pick up the supplies I’m purchasing from Artistic Adornment at the Henna Gathering?

    Use coupon code HG2016 at checkout at henna.artisticadornment.com.

  2. What does this coupon code do, exactly?

    It takes away the shipping charge on your order, and indicates to our shipping manager that your order is to be set aside for pickup at the conference.

  3. Will there be a way to add items to my order during the conference?

    No – all supplies must be pre-ordered in advance of the conference. We won’t be manning a shopping area.

  4. But that’s different from in the past!

    Don’t worry – change is good! The Henna Gathering is for henna artists and enthusiasts to meet and have a great time. Having supplies for sale was something we started after a few years of running the conference – and this year is all about taking it back to its roots, when it was low stress and tons of fun for everyone!

  5. So what will be provided for use at the conference again?

    Endless henna paste and lemon sugar! As always 🙂

  6. So if I want to have other stuff to use there, that I don’t want to bring myself, I should pre-order it in advance using coupon code HG2016?

    A-yup 🙂

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