Potato Eraser Effect on Henna – Part 2

With all of the interest in the Potato Eraser Effect, Michelle (Mitchou) Manderson has done some followup tests, write-ups, and photos as a guest blogger once again! Thanks, Michelle!

Potato Eraser Effect Test – Was it the water wipe, or the potato?

Materials used:

  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • one small red potato
  • Wet (not soaking) paper towel
  • Elastic/hair band
  • Scraper (to scrape off henna paste. In this case, thin cardboard)
  • Fresh henna paste mixed with lavender e/o, white sugar and half water half lemon combo.


Test – People were wondering if the potato eraser on a freshly made stain would erase better than water on a paper towel/wet nap.
See first document for experimentation idea origin. Below are the steps followed during the process as well as my results.:)

First, I applied a thick henna rectangle to the inside of my foot, along the arch.



After leaving henna on my skin for 10 minutes (given the initial test results, I knew that the potato would have an effective “erasing” power on a 10 minute fresh stain), I proceeded with scraping off the henna, then properly wiping with a well dampened (wet but not dripping) paper towel on one side of the henna stain (the right half of stain, closest to the bottom of my foot).


Following this, I applied a potato slice on the top of the henna stain (thus dividing the stain in 4 parts.

  1. Upper left = no water, with potato.
  2. Upper right = water wipe, with potato,
  3. Lower left = no water wipe, no potato,
  4. Lower right = water wipe only, no potato


I left the slice on for about one minute and rubbed the upper portion (section 1 and 2) for about 2-3 minutes.



Next, the results. First pic with natural lighting, second, later with dark background to give full idea of results.



Water = small, barely visible difference.
Potato = Significantly visible difference.

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