Pregnancy Henna

Beautiful henna on a mum to be!

A fancy belly mandala. This took about an hour and a half! We usually recommend belly sessions be an hour or less for the mom-to-be’s comfort, but this one wanted to sit as long as it takes :)

Beautiful baby belly!

Big, scattered flowers are great on pregnant bellies!

In recent years it has become very popular for the expectant mother to get henna on her growing baby belly.  It’s a time for friends and family to get together and relax or a private moment just for the mom.  To make your next belly bump appointment easier for you and the mom, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks!


1.  Mix your paste using lemon juice & lavender oil only.  Lavender is said to be the most gentle terp and reduces the risk of a reaction (which is very rare to begin with)

2.  Make sure that your mom to be is comfortable.  Sit her back in a comfy chair and be prepared to sit on a low stool in front of her.  Do NOT have her lie on her back.  This can cause pressure on her spine and blood vessels. Plus, when she stands up from laying down, she’ll definitely, without a doubt, smudge the henna.

3.  Be aware that while you are working you will probably get little kicks and pokes from the little one inside!  This is a special moment!  Unexpected lines that might get hennaed  differently than planned as a result are easy to work into your design 🙂

4.  All bellies are not perfectly round! In fact, I don’t think any are.  If your mom to be chooses a mandala type design be aware that you might lose some symmetry as you go, and make adjustments. Try to encourage her to choose a design that fits her belly – the best way to do this is to have a consultation at the beginning of the appointment (when you get to see the canvas you’re working with) and pro-actively make suggestions for what you’d love to do (not wait for her to express her mandala dreams only to have you attempt to shoot them down).

5. Make sure mom uses the bathroom before you get started – it’s a practicality worth mentioning. Also make sure mom does not moisturize her belly for as long as possible (at least a day) before you do the henna, so that there aren’t traces of it standing in the way between the skin and the henna, so that you can get optimal color.

6. Use thick lines!! Bellies don’t stain as well as hands and feet. Thin lines will be pathetically light on belly skin, and may not even show. Slather that henna on as thick as you can manage for optimal color.

6. When you are done with your design you can seal with lemon sugar and cover with toilet tissue or cotton balls.  Alternatively, you could use a flexible, breathable medical tape such as Hypafix. As the mom to be to keep it on for as long as possible for the best stain!  Be sure to tell her that stretch marks will stain differently than the skin around it so she won’t be surprised by the variance.

Finally, enjoy creating a memory that will be a part of the mom and baby’s life for a very long time!

Here’s a link to a gallery full of more pregnant belly designs:

You can get books with designs for pregnant bellies, as well as professionally mixed fresh henna paste made with lavender essential oil, here:


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