Tip Jar – when, where and how

Like many other service oriented professions, henna artists frequently benefit from tips.   In most cases, the tips come from a happy party host or hostess, or the event planner at a corporate event.  What we may overlook is putting out a tip jar at fairs and festivals.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to tip jars.  Some people prefer to have a large jar that you can see through.  This makes it easy for people to see that there is already money in there are reminds them to tip.  Others like something small and subtle, so that people don’t feel obligated to tip.  Either way be sure to label your tip jar so people know what it is.  You can simply have it say ‘Tips’, or something more clever like ‘Tips, never expected, always appreciated’.

Now that we know the how, we can move on to the when, and where.  For jobs where you are being paid hourly, it is usually not appropriate to put out a tip jar.  Exceptions to this rule are when you are doing an event at a discount rate or when the host or hostess encourages you to do so.  The best times to put out a tip jar are at events where each person is paying for their own design.   When people are pleased with what you do for them, they are usually happy to give you a little extra in your tip jar.  It’s also always good to ‘seed’ your tip jar with a few dollars so that people feel comfortable not being the first one to tip.

Tips are a nice way to make a little extra income and they give your clients a chance to show how much they appreciate your work.

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