Hair Henna

Hair Henna Recipes

Artistic stocks everything you need for beautiful, all-natural hair care. Below are some recipes that our clients have shared with us, and pictures of results. 

Share your natural hair care recipe with Artistic Adornment and get 100 grams of free henna or other natural herbal hair dye that we carry! Send your recipe, before and after photos and your mailing address to 

Heidi's Recipe 

200 grams of Jamila henna powder
Lemon juice
Mix together, let sit for 24 hours for dye release
100 grams of Organic Indigo powder
Mix with water and add to henna mixture 

Apply henna/indgo mixture to hair, cover with plastic wrap and shower cap and let sit for 2 hours Rinse out with just water and use conditioner to get all of the henna out. 


Tillman's Recipe 

60 grams Jamila Henna 
Hot black tea
1 tsp sugar 

Cover and let sit in a warm place for 12 hours. After dye release add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil to mixture and apply to hair. Let sit on hair for 4 hours and rinse. 


Kristianna's Recipe 

100 grams Rajasthani henna powder
Lemon juice mixed in to the consistency of mashed potatoes
1 tsp cinnamon 

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature (65 degrees) for 3 days. Apply to hair, cover with plastic wrap and a wool hat. Leave in hair for 3 hours and rinse out. 


Veronica's Recipe 

100 grams Rajasthani henna powder
3/4 Cup of organic sugar
1/4 cup of honey
1/2 oz of tea tree oil
1/2oz of Cajeput Oil
8 drops of Geranium oil
Lemon Juice appx 4 cups
1/5 cup of tap water

Pour henna into bowl. Add 1 cup of lemon juice and essential oils and stir. Slowly stir in lemon juice until the consistency is like creamy mashed potatoes. Start adding sugar until henna is slightly runny. Leave for 24 hours in warm place. Place in fridge for one to two days. Remove from fridge before use and stir in any separated liquid. Place in cheese muslin or cheap dollar store tights and squeeze, removing liquid until it doesn't flow easily when you squeeze. You can keep the liquid for use with making another batch or for body henna. Mix in water and honey. Your mix is ready.

Tips: For oily hair apply a day after shampooing to avoid having your scalp being stained darkly. Do not condition before you henna your hair, only shampoo to remove excess oils. Apply oil or lotion with oils around your scalp line, to your ears, and back of your neck to avoid staining those areas.

For simple conditioning leave on for twenty minutes. For staining start leaving it on longer. Your hair will dictate how long to leave it on for the color you want.


Shana's Recipe 

100 grams Kamala Organic Henna 
100 grams Artistic Organic Amla Powder 
100 grams Artistic Organic Indigo Powder 
black tea

Mix Henna with black tea and let sit for 9 hours. Mix Amla and Indigo with water, let sit for 10 minutes and then mix in wth henna. Let sit on hair for 4 1/2 hours and rinse. 


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