Mission Statment

Our History and Our Mission

Artistic Adornment was founded by professional henna artist Heather Caunt-Nulton, as a collective name for artists working with her in southern New England, USA to work under.

The spirit of community and fostering of each other's talents has always been central to Artistic Adornment. Collaboration, sharing, and fostering each others' talents are very important to us.

Another thing we all agree is important is using natural henna, made from pure henna leaves, high quality essential oils, and other natural ingredients. We actively educate our community about the importance of using real, natural henna. We share recipes, crop information, and experiment results regularly, and strive to add to the knowledge base for our community of henna artists. Video is an important tool to us for acheiving this goal, as is our email list.

We host meetups (most notably the Henna Gathering) where henna enthusiasts can meet, and maintain the Henna Gathering group so henna enthusiasts can share information about natural henna and help each other constantly improve as artists.

Our goal is to continue to support our fellow artists in their work, through a combination of education and providing the best supplies available.


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