Shipping & Returns

Shipping Method

We ship at least twice a week from New England, USA

Once shipped, you can expect your package in approximately

  •  Free Standard Shipping: 5-7 more business days
  • Priority Mail: 2-3 more business days
  • Express Mail: 1-2 more business days


We guarantee that we will go to the post office once every three business days, unless notification indicating otherwise is posted on our homepage or Facebook page. While we guarantee that we'll go once every three business days, we are often quicker. Please do not come to rely on this, and keep in mind our promise to get to the post office every three business days when placing your order.

I need my order ASAP - what do I do?

  • If you need your order in six to seven business days, you should opt for the Express Mail method of shipping at checkout.
  • If you need your order in four to five business days, you must pay for Rush Order Processing (under Shipping Options) to cover the extra trip for us to the post office, as well as select Express Mail at checkout.
  • If you need your order in three business days, and it is BEFORE noon - you can try reaching us at 877-6-HENNA-6, and if we are able to answer your call LIVE and give you the okay to place your order with rush order processing and express shipping, you may do so.
  • We cannot get your order to you in less than three business days.

Returns and Exchanges Policy
Henna supplies are perishable, and all orders are non-returnable. Please be sure of your selections before completing your purchase.

International Orders 
All international orders are FCA, as the post office does not offer insurance on international mailings. If your order is lost or seized by customs, we cannot replace the goods or issue a refund.

A Note On E-Checks via PayPal
PayPal provides you with the option to use your bank account to pay via e-check. This is an accepted method of payment, but please note that e-checks can take seven business days to clear, and your order will be processed for shipment (or electronic delivery, as may be the case) once payment has cleared. So - to avoid delay, please use a credit or debit card even when using PayPal.

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