Artistic Adornments - $10 Henna Design Collection, 2nd edition

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With over 115 designs to choose from, there is something for everyone in this collection of $10 festival designs!

The collection has been hugely updated, revamped, and expanded from our first edition.
Artists who had that and liked it are going to LOVE this one. They're really not even the same book anymore...but you will see a bit of overlap in a few of the designs. Even the "old" designs, though, are redrawn to reflect our (and probably your) current, higher standards.

We thought about breaking it up into three or four mini collections, 'cuz there's just so much in here...but then we figured nah, we'll just give you a deal and keep them together.
Here's hoping you get a ton of use out of these designs at your festivals this year and for years to come!

We're not going to list EVERYTHING you'll find in here, because we want there to be *some* surprises...but here's a bit to give you a taste:

  • finger designs
  • musical designs
  • our speediest, cutest butterfly ever
  • very emoji-ish fire
  • bold yet dainty cute little abstract somethings
  • hearts - in a few variations
  • kitty!!!
  • peacock
  • paisley
  • leaves
  • "tribal" (so 90' retro.)
  • trendy minimalist triangles
  • silly animals
  • totally non-scary skull and crossbones
  • peacock feather
  • paisley
  • lotus
  • sun
  • flowers
  • (shall I continue with the "well, obviously!" section of the list? nah...)
  • Egyptian eye
  • tiny crown of laurels
  • more finger many finger designs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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