Artistic Organic Henna Cones - 6 Pack

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Get professional results without worrying how your batch of henna will turn out if you mix it yourself! Our henna paste starts with the finest, organic body art quality henna, harvested in Rajasthan, India. We hand mix the henna with lemon juice and cajeput essential oil and then freeze it, so dye releases on its way to you.

Cones are approximately 18 grams (.6 oz) of henna by weight, and each 6 pack of course includes 6 cones. Each 6 pack you purchase is about 112g of henna.

Your henna cones will be shipped to you frozen. They can then be frozen again and kept for up to one year in the freezer, or kept in the fridge if you plan to use them within 3-7 days.

We use no chemicals, PPD, nut-based ingredients, or preservatives in our henna.
Do not use henna paste if you have G6PD deficiency or are allergic to fava beans or moth balls, or if you have citrus allergies.

*** As our premium fresh henna is shipped to you straight from our freezers, it is essential that you select EXPRESS MAIL at checkout for any orders containing cones. Henna is extremely perishable, and it is your responsibility to select Express mail when buying cones. If you choose priority mail as your shipping option, they will still be mailed but we are not responsible for the condition in which they arrive. We only ship henna cones and paste Monday through Wednesday to ensure that your henna arrives on your doorstep in the best possible condition. It is important that you immediately put it into your fridge (if using within 5 days) or freezer (if it will be longer) to maintain its quality.

*** We do not recommend shipping henna paste internationally. International customers - please note that henna cones cannot be shipped internationally. We use only natural ingredients and no preservatives (as is best!), and shipping long distances takes a long time. Exceptions may be made for shipments to southern Quebec and Ontario (Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto), but still, due to the unpredictability of customs, we cannot recommend this. We recommend that you purchase a Signature Kit or Professional Kit instead, so that you can mix your henna up fresh yourself once you receive it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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