Artistic Organic Raj Henna - 100g - fall 2020 crop

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Artistic Organic always gives rich, dark, beautiful color.
This bridal quality henna has best combination of the finest sift and darkest color available. 
It is the créme de la créme, the best out there out of every organic henna we have tried from farms worldwide.

The texture is the perfect balance of creamy and stringy. If you like your henna super stringy, add a bit of sugar. If you love it creamy, beat it extra long (5+ minutes) with an electric mixer. But if you're looking for that just-right balance between the two, you may want to leave it just as is!

Dye release with a lemon juice mix is 8-24 hours, depending on room temperature. Dye release with a water mix is 2-6 hours. 

Artistic Organic is our house brand of Rajasthani henna, which sometimes people just shorten and call Raj henna. It's grown, harvested, and processed in Sojat City, Rajasthan, India's largest henna-producing region. "Raj" in henna can be likened to "Champagne" or "Burgandy" in wines - it describes the region that it comes from, and most product from this region has similar characteristics. We go to great lengths to make sure to find the finest sifted organic Rajasthani mehndi to share with you as our house brand, Artistic Organic.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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