Chakra Mandala Coloring Set - Mehndi Henna Inspired Meditation Aid for Adults 7 Printable Coloring Pages Instant Download PDF

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  • Height: 11 inches
  • Width: 8.5 inches

Relax with and be inspired by these seven hand-drawn mandalas. There is one mandala representing each chakra. Unique among mandala / chakra coloring pages, this set accurately depicts the correct numbers of petals corresponding to each of the seven chakras:

Crown Chakra - Violet or White - 1000 petals (traditionally shown as "lots and lots")
Third Eye Chakra - Indigo - 96 / 2 petals
Throat Chakra - Blue - 16 petals
Heart Chakra - Green - 12 petals
Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - 10 petals
Sacral Chakra- Orange - 6 petals
Root Chakra - red - 4 petals

Your coloring pages will be available immediately as a digital downloadable PDF.

Mandalas have been used for centuries to help bring focus and calm the mind. This set has been drawn by a professional henna artist, using henna-style line art that shows the hand-rendered (yet smooth and professional) line quality that is unique to henna art, created using a unique and proprietary drawing tool created by the artist.

Of course, you are not required to color these in with their corresponding symbolic colors, and can color them in any way you wish.


This listing is for one license to use the coloring pages for one's own personal relaxation and development, and grants you the right to make five printed copies (5 copies x 7 mandalas = 35 printed mandalas total) for personal use. If you would like to display the mandalas anywhere other than your home (ie in your yoga studio), please contact us for the proper license, or see our other listings. If you need more copies, especially for any classroom type use, please contact us to arrange for that.


To those who noticed that the colored-in pages are shown out of order - that is very astute of you. The throat chakra mandala is the one this artist is currently working on, trying to find her voice through the artwork, and thus it is featured here.

Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. 


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