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As you may already know, we are constantly trying out henna from tons of farms throughout the henna-growing world, to see what the different crops are like, and where we can find the very best combination of super-fine sift, excellent texture, and rich color.

Once in a while, we find a henna that has color that is too amazing to turn down - but a sift that is only so-so.  If the stain color is truly amazing and the price is right, we just can't turn it down.

That, my henna friends, is when we put our Kamala Henna label on it.
Kamala Henna is precisely as described above - AMAZING color, but only okay sift. Totally workable for body art in a festival setting...but needing some additional sifting or straining for bridal and other super-intricate work.

The last time we had inexpensive, all-natural henna with okay sift but color THIS great was back in 2015.... and we don't know when it will happen again.

Our shipping manager aka my mom, Connie, currently prefers to have her henna designs on her own hands done with Kamala, as is, straight out of the bag. The bold lines plus amazing dye content mean that we are seeing literally THE BEST color we have ever seen from henna.
You can also choose to hand sift it yourself. It's double sifted already, so it doesn't *need* it, but it will flow through a fine tip better if you do.

At the first weekend we festival-tested this henna at, customers came back to the booth, emailed *and* Instagram-messaged us afterwards just to ask us what henna this was, and how to get their hands on some - because the color was that much better than what they were used to seeing, even just in the paste-just-off, bright-orange stage.



Client reviews copied over from the 100g listing:

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    Gorgeous Dark Stain

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 25th 2020

    I kept the paste on for only 2 hours and ended up with a very dark almost black stain on my hand! Great for bold designs. I strained it through a stocking but I still can't do any small intricate work with it.

  •     5
    Dark and smooth

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2019

    I know this is only sifted twice but it worked as well as triple sift in my hand rolled cones. Beautiful dark stain too!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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