Beloved - Bridal Henna Designs by Heather Caunt-Nulton - Wedding Mehndi Bride Designs

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Product Overview

This ebook of bridal henna designs started off as a pricing guide book for me to use with my clients, showing designs with different levels of coverage and intricacy.
And then I got carried away. The result is this ebook of 22 bridal designs. Each design is shown on both hands for ease of recreation.

It includes designs with:

  • Reverse negative fill - with 18 different takes on this very popular trend
  • Mandalas
  • Mostly designs with a lot of thick/ thin line variation, but a few with same line variation throughout for beginners and those looking for very fast bridal designs
  • Lotuses - 5 variations
  • Flowers other than lotus - 9 unique examples with many variations on those 9 florals
  • Peacock - just one here - for lots of peacocks, please see Raj Mayur by Neeta Sharma
  • Paisleys - 3 main types, with minor variations
  • Bands - 22 styles
  • Bridal blocks of too many different shapes / sizes to count 
  • Grids - 10 variations
  • Radial fills - 3 variations (all you really need to cover three different sized areas!)
  • Unique finger designs
  • Mauritanian-inspired fusion layouts in otherwise-Indian looking designs
  • Designs with a wide range of coverage, from just palm, to wrist, to mid-forearm, slightly above mid-forearm, and to elbow
  • Geometric designs
  • Heart design
  • Unique, modern designs
  • Traditional designs
  • Heather's #1 most popular speedy to-the-elbow design of all time, drawn with bridal-quality detail
  • ...and more

Like all our ebooks, this is available for download on your confirmation page after purchase.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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