Festooned: Festival Henna Designs by Heather Caunt-Nulton - ebook, henna design book for festivals, simple mehndi designs

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Product Overview

Festooned has 33 henna hand designs created specifically for use at busy festivals, street fairs, carnivals, and parties.
Some of the themes you'll find include:

  • flowers
  • swirls
  • gender-neutral designs
  • simple Dushanbe style festival designs
  • cute and simple designs with full fingers
  • minimalist henna rings
  • gorgeous flower jewelry henna design
  • moon and star celestial Dushanbe henna design
  • North African Sudanese / Mauritanian inspired henna design
  • same designs at two different price points
  • Polynesian / Moroccan / Sudanese fusion mehnna designs
  • bold "tribal" flowers (Sudanese flair)
  • spooky designs
  • emerald cut gem henna designs
  • spiderwebs
  • bat henna design
  • triple moon henna design
  • onion dome henna design
  • skull and bones mandala
  • creepy eye spider design
  • owl and moon night sky henna designs
  • ghost and pumpkin Halloween henna designs
  • cute yet elegant skull "Sangeet strip"




Dear Henna Friends,

I absolutely love creating custom designs for people based on their vibe, their energy, their je-ne-sais-quoi. And that’s what a lot of the designs in this book are. They’re designs that I created for someone while out and about working at a festival when they picked our now-much-loved “Mystery Henna” option.

What is “Mystery Henna”, you ask? It’s basically exactly the same as Artist’s Choice. But instead of making it sound like we’re doing whatever we want (not great marketing / customer relations, if you ask the experts), it makes it seem like a surprise for the client. But without the word “surprise”, which is somehow scary and nervous-making for some people. No, it’s not a surprise - it’s a mystery. One that will be revealed over the course of our interaction. So yes, “Mystery Henna” is my new favorite, and my current booth assistants are especially good at convincing people to do it. One of them occasionally calls it The Great Henna Mystery, with humorously grandiose hand gestures...and I admit I do not stop her.

Anyway... that’s how many of these designs were created. Someone wanted henna but didn’t want something out of the books, so I made something up for them on the spot. Out of hundreds of such designs over the past year or so, I sifted through them and chose these to draw up for my own festival books and also to share with you.

Another subset of the designs within are carefully created with painstaking care to provide a variety of similar options at different price points. Some of them I’ll be including in my books, and others I won’t because I decided to use one of the alternate versions. But in my interactions with fellow henna artists who provided feedback about these designs, I concluded that everyone is looking for something slightly different in their designs, and has a slightly different pricing strategy, so I might as well share them all so you can figure out which fits yours.

Yet another subset of these designs were drawn up for doing henna in Salem, With City USA, for Halloween with my friend Maria O’Connor. She has been doing henna there for a very long time, and asked me to join her for eight glorious days of Halloween Haunted Happenings. I figured we could use some designs created especially for the occasion. For a little while, I thought I’d publish a whole ebook of Halloween designs but...nah, we’ll just put them here to make this a nice, value-packed set for you.

In summary, this book is the results of me enjoying getting back to doing henna on other people at festivals - finally - after a long, weird forced break.
Welcome back, everyone, and have a glorious and almost-normal 2022 henna season!

Happy Hennaing,

Heather Caunt-Nulton


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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