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Fast & Festive by Ellen Jaye Benson aka Henna Harpy is chock full of well over 115 designs on 35 pages to help you be a speedy success at your next festival!

This is a diverse, fun, extensive collection featuring new takes on many of your favorite symbols, as well as creative inspirations for things you very may well never have hennaed before. 

In addition to the ready-to-henna standalone designs, many pages also have alternate ideas for motifs and flourishes that can easily be substituted into the same layout. This will help you not get bored even when you have hennaed what is fundamentally the same design hundreds of times, and will have you always thinking of how the same design concept can be tweaked and updated. 

As a formally trained artist and professional art educator, Ellen's passion for not just showing you a design to copy, but also helping you expand your own design repertoire, really shines through. This is a book to select designs from to put into your own festival design book binders, but also, and especially, to serve as a resource for getting your own creativity flowing.

Inside you will find this and much more:

  • jewelry-inspired designs
  • rings and finger accents
  • hearts
  • yin-yangs
  • lotus, peony, rose and many other flowers
  • stars
  • diamonds (of both the blingy and quadrilateral variety)
  • celestial designs
  • designs for both men & women
  • bold and dainty geometric designs
  • Khaleeji, Arabic, Indian, Moroccan, Polynesian Island inspirations & more
  • fantasy motifs like unicorn & fairy
  • Diwali & Eid motifs
  • paisley hand designs with different fills
  • fantasy dreamcatcher how-to
  • new and unique grid fills
  • inspiration for different types of borders
  • more than four new spins on the #1 most popular design from Ellen's previous book, Folk Fest
  • Moroccan designs that are not just Fessi, but also Marrakechi
  • the ever-popular, yet super-currently trendy, archy hand design shape - now featuring a lotus for sure-fire selling power
  • hearts - so many hearts - if you're bored of your hearts, this will fix ya
  • graceful side-of-hand flower designs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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