Pride Fest Henna

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Product Overview

Pride Fest Henna includes the following designs:

Hand designs

  • Hearts with space for an initial in the middle, in an array of styles to suit all gender expressions - 4 designs
  • Honeycomb with dripping honey (for catching bears! thanks, Rick and Stephanie of Hadley Henna for this idea!)
  • Bear paw
  • Simple heart ball-chain jewelry
  • Flower heart + swirls with no initial (similar to the initial one, but just in case you want it plain)
  • Pansy
  • Violets
  • Page of 6 quick layout notes for creating new custom designs for clients on the spot
  • Bold hearts down the middle finger
  • Monochromatic Rainbow
  • Checkerboard heart
  • Evil Eye with yin-yang pupil where the dots are hearts

Other designs:

  • Simple monochromatic rainbow doodle (for inner wrist, ideally) - for better or worse, I bet I'll be doing this ALL DAY LONG at RI Pride. It is the close cousin of the sunset moon over the ocean for the Celestial for Festivals book.
  • "fierce" with a star for the dot of the i
  • Luna moth
  • Standalone violet
  • Standalone checkerboard heart
  • Evil eye with heart pupil
  • Skeleton hands making a heart
  • Stan the Tiny Diny™ in four different kissing pairings
  • Elder Gods (Cthulhus) in Love - "the stars were right!"
  • Ghosts holding hands - "you will always be my BOO"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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