Folk Fest by Henna Harpy

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Folk Fest contains 47 designs that capture the bohemian spirit of festival season perfectly! With a broad array of inspirations, this collection is extremely versatile and runs the gamut, with something that is sure to speak to every type of customer who approaches your booth. The designs have the perfect balance of mass apeal, interest for the artist, and super-fast piping speed. Having these designs in your festival arsenal will surely put you on the path towards a more enjoyable and profitable festival season!

Henna Harpy is a wonderful asset to our henna community. Her background as a fine artist and art educator provides a unique perspective from which she approaches her henna artistry. Her pen and ink drawings of henna designs are inspiringly unique, yet with a strong sense of being grounded very well in henna traditions. All the designs are perfectly scaled for festival work - enough detail to feel legit, but with a careful mindfulness about how long it will take to do the designs when you've got a long line of customers waiting. And with her careful noting of all of her sources of inspiration, you can always delve deeper into any of the styles you find particularly inspiring.

Some highlights of the broad-ranging inspiration for the designs in Folk Fest include:
-Indo-Arabic designs with uncommon, intriguing layouts
-Henna Jewelry
-Khaleeji design
-Art Nouveau & Art Deco
-Celtic / Irish folk designs
-Russian / Ukranian design
-Trending tattoo styles (feathers!)
-Fine artists such as Gustav Klimt
-Tattoo artists such as Chaim Machlev
-Artistic schools such as Bauhaus
-Spanish shawls
-American tattoos
-Tree of Life
-Scandanavian Rosemaling
-Sudanese design
-Hawiian barkcloth and surf culture
-Mexican Milagros and fiestas
-Bulgarian textiles
-African wax block print fabrics
-European wood and store carvings

Folk Festivals are a favorite venue for both the artist and the publisher of this inspiring collection. Created for Henna Harpy's festivals in Australia, they will be making their US debut at the Henna by Heather booth at the famed Newport Folk Festival this summer!


From the Artist:

"The title, ‘Folk Fest’ describes a collective of kindred spirits that unite to create buzzing hubs of diverse cultural activity with the agenda of both preserving and growing artistic heritage and social customs through the use of emotive mediums such as storytelling, costume, crafted objects, food, performance and music.

‘Folk Fest’ is a colourful, eclectic bohemian patchwork inspired by the artisans that make up the diverse cultural events that I most enjoy as they set the vibe to best pipe my Henna Harpy magic. I like to think that my Henna Harpy flavour respectfully introduces traditional henna elements to a broadening audience and also borrows from the latest bohemian fashions to create innovative rich ornamental body art."


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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